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Nov. 14th, 2008 @ 03:38 pm Stamp out discrimination against left handers!
Yesterday I was putting stamps on envelopes for a mass mailing and thus uncovered yet another way left handed people are disadvantaged. The post office has seen fit to sell packets of 100 stamps, with the stamps on a roll which is supposed to feed through a slot in the top in such a way that as you pull the backing through the slot, the stamp peels off ready for you to grab it and stick it on your envelope. What I found yesterday was that if you perform this operation left handed, the stamp arrives in your hand upside down and you of course have to turn it around before you can put it on the envelope. When stamps are sold on flat sheets it's no problem to peel them off with whichever is your dominant hand, but selling them in these nifty little dispenser packs obviously does cause awkwardness for people such as me. If the stamps were oriented differently on the backing strip, with the writing at right angles to the edge rather than parallel with it, the problem would be avoided. I've used blank labels in the past which were also dispensed through a slot in the top of the packet, but since they were blank there was naturally no problem with which way up they came out.
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